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The Lincolnshire market town of Spalding lies on the banks of the River Welland and is home to around 30,000 inhabitants.

Situated close to the large estuary of several rivers known as The Wash, Spalding lies amid flat fenland along the line of the river, which is used as both a trade route and for recreational purposes, particularly fishing.

One of the town's popular features is its river taxi service which originates in the town centre and offers a charmingly tranquil way of seeing Spalding from an alternative viewpoint.

Surrounded as it is by fertile agricultural land, the town is a major regional centre for the growing of vegetables and flowers and several festivals celebrating these industries take place throughout the year in Spalding.

Food lovers also frequent the town to sample the local speciality, Lincolnshire sausages, which can be found prepared in many forms including battered at one of the town's highly popular Fish and Chip shops.

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